A Level Course Information

What activities do our Day and Night courses cover?

Our courses combine a mixture of group and individual revision activities and assessments , together with exam skills to help prepare for exams.

Day courses are designed to cover the syllabus and specification more extensively, including exam skills and this gives students a more holistic revision experience.

Night Courses are designed in a more compact way that focuses on the syllabus and content specifications and knowledge. Students will be given pointers and advice on how to expand and develop exam skills and techniques.

One to One Courses are designed to fit the exact needs of the student. This is a qualitative option for students who need to build confidence or might have difficulty working in groups. This option allows students to design their own course with the tutor before they start. This is a very flexible alternative as the tutor can come to you. Choose from one day, 2 days or 2 evenings.

AS and A2 Sociology & Government and Politics (AQA/OCR/EDEXCEL)

We follow:

AQA AS SOCIOLOGY- (SCLY1) Families & Households (SCLY2) Education & Res Methods

AQA A2 SOCIOLOGY- (SCLY3) Beliefs in Society (SCLY4) Crime and Deviance with Res Methods

OCR AS SOCIOLOGY- (G671) Socialisation, Culture and Identity (G672) Family

OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY (G673) Education (G674) Exploring Social Inequality and Difference

AQA AS GOV & POL (GOVP1) People, Politics and Participation (GOVP2) Governing Modern Britain

AQA A2 GOV & POL (2150) GOV3A: The Politics of the USA GOV4A: The Government of the USA

EDEXCEL AS GOVE & POL 6GP01: People and Politics, GP02: Governing the UK

EDEXCEL A2 GOV & POL 6GP03: Topic C Representative Processes in the USA, 6GP04: Topic C Governing the USA

How will the course schedule work on a day to day basis?

Two Day Courses can start at 10:00am and end at 5:00pm, a total of 12 hours over 2 days.

Two Evening Courses start at 5:00pm and end at 9:00pm and total 8 hours over 2 nights.

One Day Courses start at 10:00am and end at 5:00pm and total 6 hours.

Students will be given a mid morning break, an hour for lunch and a mid afternoon break.

When you book a course with us you will receive a confirmation back with a daily course schedule that details the activities covered, times, venue details and the location.

*Please be aware that course dates and availability are subject to change and Exam Readiness Limited reserves the right to cancel or change courses. Please see our terms & conditions when booking.

How will young people be managed safely and effectively ?

Our staff are trained in safeguarding procedures outlined by the government in Safeguarding legislation and child protection. All our staff are crb/drb cleared.

We follow legal requirements by ensuring there is one member of staff in every class that has completed first aid training.

We value parental feedback and want to form a relationship and communicate with families. We will keep daily registers and contact information for all our students and their families.

Students and families sign a terms & conditions agreement and we all agree to to shared rules on classroom conduct, equality, ethics, behaviour, time keeping and attendance.