Private and Home Specialist Tuition Services

Regular Weekly Home Tuition

This is becoming a very popular and effective way to prepare students for exams and assessments (and in our experience makes much more of a difference that some short end of term sessions just before exams).

We offer weekly home tutorial sessions to a variety of students in the privacy of students own homes –we will travel to you and bring all the necessary resources with us! This gives students and families the flexibility to fit tuition around other commitments and allows many students to feel more comfortable and relaxed. We arrange tuition flexibly and negotiate with families according to students timetables and commitments.

We offer this option to GCSE, A Level and Undergraduate students. See our subject page for more details

We normally only suggest a minimum of 2 hour sessions for students, otherwise students do not cover enough ground or make enough progress and our tutors can not manage their timetables and travel effectively.

£25 per hour –to travel to students
£20 per hour in tutors home
£30 per hour –outside 20 mile radius of Baldock, North Herts

*Special Offer: Book ahead for 12 weeks of tuition and pay only £20 an hour (£480, normally £600).

Short, Intensive Revision or Assessment Preparation Courses

These are ideal for A Level or Undergraduate students who have little time to prepare an assignment, essay, project or to revise and get ready for an exam. Our specialist tutors can prepare an intensive, tailor made programme of study for you that covers either 1, or 2 days or nights (we can arrange hours to suit you).

We can guide and help university to students finish, research, write or prepare an essay for university, a project, dissertation or assignment. We can also help coach you and help you organise and prepare for assessed presentations. We can design course of tailor made, revision based tuition and guidance for A Level or University exams. We can also add our proof reading service to this package at the end to ensure your work meets the correct standards of English and prose .

1 day Intensive: £170
2 days: Intensive £300
2 nights Intensive: £250

(all intensive courses automatically receive free follow up advice and access to our tutors for advice by email.)

Adult Tuition

We also offer tuition to mature students who need to build skills or need help passing a course, exam or assignment. Our Director, Debbie Hicks has a management and teaching background in adult further education and all our tutors are subject specialists.

Adult tuition can be offered as weekly or as an intensive, one off course leading up to an exam or preparing and managing an assignment (as above).

£20- £25-£30 per hour

Proof Reading Service

We offer a full proof reading service for students or for professionals who are submitting assessments for jobs, conferences, information or training. We will read through all your work for spelling and grammatical errors and also for prose. We will re phrase or re arrange sentences, but as we do not comply with plagiarism and if errors become extensive, we will make further suggestions for you to do this or change things. Depending on the subject, we also provide some general feedback from proof reading on other issues such as presentation, overall structure of if we notice that anything standard (such as a bibliography) is missing.

Proof Reading does not require meeting a tutor, so this is an online service. Work that needs proof reading can be sent by email and then returned by email with editing and suggestions and mark ups in red text.

This service can be done within a few days and agreed deadline. This normally takes a maximum of 2-3 hours.

£15 an hour

Online Tuition

This can be conducted via email communications or through skype tutorials and feedback and can be designed to suit the student. This is flexible and could be arranged as a one off for feedback or as a regular form of remote tuition.

£15 an hour